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Our New Outside Arena

Through a grant received from The Troy Foundation, we have completed the first four phases of our outdoor arena. Phase 1 included the prep of the arena area with a fabric. After the fabric came Phase 2 where a layer of gravel was added. Then in Phase 3 a layer of stone was added and in Phase 4, a final layer of sand was added. Our final phase of the project will be the construction of a spectator's area and this will be completed with the use of volunteers. The benefits of being able to deliver our service outside when weather permits is priceless. Studies show that being outside, especially in a country setting, participants can breathe better, soak up much needed Vitamin D, counteract seasonal affective disorder, and ease anxiety, all helping to improve physical and mental health of our participants.

Outdoor Arena 3.jpg
Outdoor Arena 4.jpg

Gail Duer - Student Coordinator

Gail learned of Eagles' Wings while at a neurologist appointment with her daughter and grandson who was severely handicapped.  She is a horse lover from childhood with some experience but had to get “back in the saddle” after 35 years.  So, combining all of these interests and achievements, Eagles Wings was a perfect outlet and therapy for her.  She began in 2007 as a horse leader and was certified as an instructor in 2011 through Fieldstone Farms Therapeutic Riding Stables. She thoroughly enjoys her students and has been amazed at the “miracles” she has witnessed.

Kate Arnett - Volunteer Coordinator

Kate joined the team at Eagles’ Wings in June of 2020. As the volunteer coordinator, she brings creativity, organization, compassion, and new ideas to our program.  She manages some 70 volunteers that come to the stable each week to serve people with special needs. Kate enjoys learning new ways to participate and be part of enriching the lives of others, especially children. She loves to help during lessons by side walking and helping students with their riding activities. 


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