We have a $2,250 per month cost to care for our six specially trained program horses - this includes stabling, feed, and veterinary expenses. Because of COVID-19, we had no student income for our Spring Session and had to use our reserve funds for horse care and feeding. We urgently need donations to replenish our reserve.

Please consider becoming a Sustaining Donor of Eagles' Wings. You simply authorize PayPal or your credit card to make monthly donations. As a monthly sustainer your contribution is ongoing, and is always active until you say otherwise. Many donors find that sustaining gifts allow them to be more generous. A $50 gift to your favorite charity may feel burdensome, but if you spread your support throughout the year and give $5 a month, you will have donated $60 by year's end. Sustaining donations are better for us, because they provide us with a reliable revenue stream. To donate, please use the donating links below. We need your help!




If you would like to make a contribution by check, please click the donate by check button. If you want to donate using PayPal, use the donate by PayPal button.  We also have a Wish List. Thank you for supporting us!


A number of businesses are committed to bringing hope and help to the local neighborhoods. They do this by contributing a portion of their sales to local charities - two examples are Amazon and Krogers. These programs work by supporters linking their rewards card to their charity of choice. The more supporters shop the more money the organization earns! Click on the links below to find out more.