Eagles' Wings Stable

5730 N Washington Rd

Piqua, OH 45356

Phone: 937-570-5709

Fax: 937-615-9485

Most charities rely on fees for a substantial part of their revenues. Eagles’ Wings is a not-so-typical charity operating in not-so-typical financial times. Our needs are great. We are small with an annual budget of around $75,000. 75 percent of revenue comes from contributions, grants, and fundraisers (which are difficult to hold in these times) – the norm is 33%. Only 25 percent of revenue comes from student fees – the norm is at least 50%.
We value the multidimensional motion and personality of the horse as a therapist to improve our participants’ functionality and well-being. We also value the concept that our services should be available to all those who need it regardless of income level. We need your help to do this. Please consider making a donation.
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Our Mission
Eagles’ Wings Stable, Inc. provides equine-assisted therapeutic activities for people with special needs to benefit and improve their development and quality of life
Our Vision
Eagles’ Wings Stable, Inc. recognizes the importance of physical, mental and emotional well-being for each participant. Participants develop balance, strength, stability, social, emotional and cognitive skills that enrich their daily lives and their contribution to society
Our Values
We value the multidimensional motion and personality of the horse as a therapist to make the movements and connections necessary to improve the participants’ well-being


We have three part-time coordinators, a Student Coordinator, a Volunteer Coordinator, and a Barn Buddy Coordinator, who manage the operational support side of Eagles' Wings. These three talented and caring individuals: assess new students and manage existing students; match volunteers to riders and horses; and care for our horse therapists to ready them for classes.

Heather Thompson - Student Coordinator

Heather discovered Eagle’s Wings when she was looking for a new place to board her horses. She began volunteering in 2019. She quickly learned how rewarding it is to be part our rider’s horsemanship journey so she decided to peruse her instructor certification. She also hopes to become a Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning after she completes the Instructor Certification. She is happy to be fueling her passion for horses and people here at Eagle’s Wings.

Kate Arnett - Volunteer Coordinator

Kate joined the team at Eagles’ Wings in June of 2020. As the volunteer coordinator, she brings creativity, organization, compassion, and new ideas to our program.  She manages some 50 volunteers that come to the stable each week to serve people with special needs. Kate enjoys learning new ways to participate and be part of enriching the lives of others, especially children. She loves to help during lessons by side walking and helping students with their riding activities. 

Mark Lovelace - Barn Buddy Coordinator

Mark discovered Eagles’ Wings when he was looking for volunteer activity to fill his open retirement days. He began to volunteer in the early spring of 2020 with the Barn Buddies group. He has enjoyed meeting and helping everyone that are regulars and substitute volunteers within the program. He believes having a clean stable and barn provides one important part of the puzzle for the horses that are used in the therapeutic riding program. He enjoys being part of the Eagles’ Wings program.

Our Board of Directors
Keith Schaurer - President
Kevin Kirsch - V. President
Ed Bauman - Secretary
Sandra Knipe
Natalee Heath
Duane Jenkins
Gary Kuziensky